Sweet Tooth Breakfast

Sometimes, I wake up with such a sweet tooth, which, is a problem when I am trying to eat healthier!  This morning I tried to fulfill the urge with somewhat balanced ingredients – a baked crescent roll, cream cheese mixed with sugar and milk for the icing, and blackberries and strawberries on top.  Health-wise, it was definitely not the best and surely not the worst, but boy does it look pretty! FullSizeRender.jpg


Paradise Springs Winery

This weekend, my grandmother was in town from Pennsylvania.  To escape some of the political madness on Inauguration Day, we spent the afternoon at Paradise Springs Winery in Clifton, Virginia.

Paradise Springs Winery has two locations-Clifton, Virginia and Santa Barbara, California.  The Clifton, Virginia location is approximately 30 miles from Washington, DC.  They are open 11am to 7pm daily (until 9pm on Friday).

The Winery offers tours, tastings, a relaxing environment, and so much more!  They have live music ever Friday 5pm to 9pm, Saturday 2pm to 6pm, and Sunday afternoon.  We enjoyed the view with a bottle of Cabernet Franc 2014, which is grown at the Virginia Paradise Springs Winery.

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Tourist In My Own City

Last weekend, I took the time to be a tourist in Washington, DC with old friends and new.

My friend Mary was in town from Truman State University, and even though we went to the same college, we actually met in Washington, DC while both interning in the city.  Catching up with her is always a blast, whether it is reminiscing about old times, discussing graduate school politics, gossiping about boys, or making future plans.

In the little time we had together, we fit in a quick walk-around two (the National Museum of American History and the National Museum of Natural History), a trip to Starbucks, and some pictures in front of the White House.  It was a much needed Friday off work!

Sunday consisted of visiting the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and walking along the National Mall and Tidal Basin (while visiting the White House, Vietnam Memorial, Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial, Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial) with some new friends, Julie and Amanda.  The dog park brought us together.  Our puppies, Chance and Bucky, are inseparable!

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The White House Garden Tour

Before his arrival, President John Adams (the White House’s first resident) requested a garden be planted on the grounds.  Since, Presidents have added their own twist to the South Lawn: Thomas Jefferson planted trees and established pathways, John Quincy Adams planted flower beds, Andrew Jackson added an orangery, Ulysses Grant added large round fountains, Rutherford B. Hayes started the Easter Egg Roll, and Franklin Roosevelt added berms and trees for security.

The First Ladies contributed to the garden as well.  In March 2009, First Lady Michelle Obama planted the White House Kitchen Garden, and over forty years ago, First Lady Patricia Nixon began the South Lawn seasonal tour tradition.

Today I got to experience it all – The Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, Army Band playing from the State Floor Balcony, White House Rose Garden, Malia and Sasha Obama’s Swing Set, a beautiful view of the National Mall, and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Kitchen Garden.

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Fort Washington National Park

Lately, I have been obsessed with hiking around National Parks.  This weekend Renee, Chance, and I ventured out to Fort Washington National Park (located approximately 20 miles outside of Washington, DC).  Established in 1809 and active through World War II, Fort Washington was the only defensive fort protecting Washington, DC for several decades.  After exploring the fort, we hiked the park’s 3.5 mile trail in the woods.  It was a much needed day-trip out of the city!